Inbroke Products and Services

Inbroke Limited is able to source terms on a wide variety of covers including, but not limited to:

Material Damage and Business Interruption

We can place property risks for all types of buildings, irrespective of their construction, location, condition or occupation. We can arrange cover for buildings that are still damaged from recent earthquakes, property that is undergoing repair and buildings that have high hazard tenants. If you have a building in an area where earthquake insurance cover is hard to obtain, we can help. Where necessary we can also place terrorism cover as a standalone policy. We can also place construction risk covers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We recently placed the construction insurance for a new Power Station being built in the Pacific.

Liability Insurance

Since its inception Inbroke Limited has specialised in Liability Insurance, principally Professional Indemnity Insurance, although we place covers for all classes of liability insurance including:
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability and Products Liability
  • Trustees Liability
  • Baillees Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
Our area of expertise is in the harder to place liability risks. We currently arrange Professional Liability Insurances for Lawyers, Accountants, Property Valuers, Engineers, Architects, Insurance Brokers and Agents.

We can also arrange Technology Liability covers and insurance for the specialist area of Intellectual Property Protection.

Aviation Insurance

We can arrange cover for Hull and Liability Protection and also for Hangerkeepers Liability covers.

Marine Insurance

We have access to markets that write Commercial Hull and Liability covers, as well as Specialist Liability Covers for marine industry professionals such as Naval Architects. We can arrange Ship Repairers Liability covers. If you have a marine hull risk that is proving difficult to insure, we can help. We can place multi hull vessels and can also arrange bluewater cover where required.

Contingency Insurance

In addition to the insurances covered above, we also arrange placements for Contingency Insurance, including Cancellation and Abandonment, Hole in One insurance and Prize Indemnity. Kidnap and Ransom covers are also available as are Personal Accident covers.