Earthquake Insurance

Since the Canterbury earthquakes, securing earthquake insurance (or natural disaster insurance) for domestic, commercial and industrial premises has become extremely difficult for certain locations and certain building types. Unreinforced buildings, such as those built at the turn of the century, are now very difficult to insure.

We can help if your building is:
  • Built in the early 1900’s
  • Constructed of Unreinforced Concrete
  • Located in an earthquake prone area
We have access to the best local insurers and specialist global markets including Lloyd’s of London. Material Damage policies can be written including natural disaster cover or on a standalone natural disaster basis. There are numerous insurer products available including Quakesure, Excess buy-downs and Contract Works covers.

If you are having trouble securing insurance cover for your building, we can help. Please contact us to discuss what options may be available for your circumstances.